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Strategy + visuals for conscious brands.

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Brand strategy + visual systems for organizations + individuals positively impacting the planet + empowering others to live happier, healthier lives.

Meet Our Team

Alison Leipzig

Co-founder + CEO

Ali is committed to embodied leadership - both with our clients and the Soul Camp team. After graduating with a Communication Designs degree from WashU in St. Louis, she followed her passion for wellbeing practices and has been designing brands ever since. She is a certified reiki master, holistic health practitioner, sound + vibrational healing practitioner. Her unique skill set allows her to take a strategic and wholistic approach to business development.

Michelle Garside

Co-founder +
Lead strategist

Michelle works to solidify the big picture brand platform, brand vision & essence, programs & offerings and target audience. Names, taglines and brand vocabularies are her personal jam! Before SCC, Michelle built brands for mega corporations like Unilever and J&J.

Kristofor Bailey

Project Leader

Kristofor is organized, personable, and focused, thriving on producing the greatest outcome in every project. For over a decade, Kris’s project management leadership and brand experience have supported large- and medium-sized businesses across the U.S. He finds motivation in guiding clients to re-envision a new energy around their brand.

Hannah Coward

Creative Director

Hannah makes brand essences visual, emotional, & engaging. She has lived and breathed design since 2006, developing visual systems, infographics (and just about everything else!) for solopreneurs up to massive corporations. 

Maggie Saunders


Maggie has been helping entrepreneurs grow their brands since 2014, specializing in spiritually inclined, heart-centered leaders with big dreams and even bigger personalities. Her intention is always to truly listen to and understand people—from their wants & needs to their dreams & desires. She is particularly good at helping people understand the blindspots they’ve had in business so that they can finally let go of feeling “stuck”.

Carly Schroeder

Project Manager

Carly is a multi-passionate creative who helps to streamline, organize, and support those with big visions. Her experience comes from the corporate ad world but her true passion lives in supporting conscious brands and businesses on every level of growth. Alongside project management, she’s an intuitive coach + designer who helps others tap into their unique gifts and passions.

Jennifer Ann Walsh

Web Developer

Jen establishes compelling online presences for movers and shakers on a mission. Whether a cause-driven organization, a forward-thinking entrepreneur, a world shaker, a wow maker or even a trouble maker, her mission is to create online experiences that wow audiences. She's been working on the web since the heady mid-90’s, first for Wired magazine and then at HotWired. When she's not busy dreaming & scheming for future world changers, she can be found planning a national park adventure or noodling around with music, plants and words.

Morgan Hicks

Visual Designer

Morgan is a passionate creative with a strong set of design values. She left the fast-paced advertising, marketing, and beauty industries to feed her soul. Now she creates informed, thoughtful work that doesn't just exist, but is driven by purpose, tells a story, and truly means something.

Colleen Black


Colleen is a gifted writer, storyteller and strategist with an innate ability to make words come alive on the page. She brings deep heart and passion to every project, and a magic touch that helps transform her clients’ ideas into action. Colleen loves working with purpose-fueled brands and individuals, and believes in the power of using words and ideas to help make a difference in the world.

Jess Manuszak


Hey! Jess is the copywriter who writes those ads you’ve seen for Nike. When she's not backdoor bragging about her 8+ years of conversion copywriting knowhow or dedicating best-selling novels to David Hasselhoff, you can find her sleeping with the lights on after marathoning movies about ghosts.

Helen Tremethick


Helen is the combination of a Pulitzer Prize winning wordsmith, a psychologist’s psychologist, a human centered designer, and a wizard.

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Well...a little bit of all over!

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