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Strategy + visuals for conscious brands.

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Brand strategy + visual systems for organizations + individuals positively impacting the planet + empowering others to live happier, healthier lives.

Meet Our Team

Alison Leipzig

Co-founder + CEO

Ali is committed to embodied leadership - both with our clients and the Soul Camp team. After graduating with a Communication Designs degree from WashU in St. Louis, she followed her passion for wellbeing practices and has been designing brands ever since. She is a certified reiki master, holistic health practitioner, sound + vibrational healing practitioner. Her unique skill set allows her to take a strategic and wholistic approach to business development.

Michelle Garside

Co-founder +
Lead strategist

Michelle works to solidify the big picture brand platform, brand vision & essence, programs & offerings and target audience. Names, taglines and brand vocabularies are her personal jam! Before SCC, Michelle built brands for mega corporations like Unilever and J&J.

Ashley Hannah

project Guide

Ashley is an experienced digital marketer who has spent over a decade working with CEOs of six and seven-figure businesses and has seen first-hand what works and what doesn't when it comes to establishing and scaling a business. Her organizational, communication and creative problem-solving skills, coupled with her marketing knowledge, make her a valuable asset to our clients and team. She is dedicated to the success of our clients and feels a great sense of fulfillment seeing them thrive and exceed their goals.

Julie Frazer

Jumpstart project Guide

Julie is an inspiring and uplifting force on our team who brings her leadership, communication, and time management skills to every one of her client projects. She loves supporting our clients in standing in their power as they launch their websites and propel their businesses forward. She also brings with her a wealth of knowledge on content creation and social media marketing.

Maggie Saunders

Strategist + Business coach

Maggie has been helping entrepreneurs grow their brands since 2014, specializing in spiritually inclined, heart-centered leaders with big dreams and even bigger personalities. Her intention is always to truly listen to and understand people—from their wants & needs to their dreams & desires. She is particularly good at helping people understand the blind spots they’ve had in business so that they can finally let go of feeling “stuck”.

Hannah Coward


Hannah makes brand essences visual, emotional, & engaging. She has lived and breathed design since 2006, developing visual systems, infographics (and just about everything else!) for solopreneurs up to massive corporations like Peloton. 

Alison Engel

Visual Designer

Alison is a dynamic designer who thrives on creating visually compelling and meaningful work. She believes in the power of design and loves creating brands and visuals that evoke emotions. Her favorite part of her role is collaborating with diverse minds that push her creativity to new and exciting limits.

Jennifer Ann Walsh

Web Developer

Jen establishes compelling online presences for movers and shakers on a mission. Whether a cause-driven organization, a forward-thinking entrepreneur, a world shaker, a wow maker or even a trouble maker, her mission is to create online experiences that wow audiences. She's been working on the web since the heady mid-90’s, first for Wired magazine and then at HotWired. When she's not busy dreaming & scheming for future world changers, she can be found planning a national park adventure or noodling around with music, plants and words.

Porsha Thomas


Porsha Thomas is a brand copywriter and feminist content creator based in Atlanta, GA. She helps brands sweet-talk their audiences to do the things they want them to do. Since 2007, She's created business and lifestyle content for millennial women while hooking startups, SMBs, and corporate brands up with copy and content strategy. Porsha is never not down for good food, good wine, good branding, and True Crime.

Andrea Shah


Andrea wrote her first website at the age of 14, back in the age of dial-up, and she's been hooked ever since. She crafts copy that's as bold and inspiring as you are, underpinned by strategy & buyer psychology. She's a firm believer in the healing power of naps, French fries, and walks in the woods.

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Well...a little bit of all over!

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