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Brand Breakthroughs are private brand strategy sessions for organizations and leaders of businesses changing the world.

Our mission is to unite and transform leaders like you with strategies that ignite your fire to change the world.

It is high time that the world is led by conscious leaders and organization who come from a place of generosity, collaboration, listening, open-mindedness and heart. We believe your passion comes from the seat of your soul and with the right strategies, tools, and guidance you can get past your conditioning to be able to make the impact that you are truly capable of. And trust us, that impact is much greater than you can even see.

For this to happen, leaders and organizations —like you—need to be able to clearly see who they are, what they do and then further, be able to communicate it clearly.

This is why the Brand Breakthrough sessions are created to give you the exact language that speaks to the SOUL of who you are and the magnitude of the IMPACT you create.

At the end of the Brand Breakthrough, you will leave with:

Aligned brand or product name
A gripping tagline
Audience & persona descriptions
Website copy outline
Lead magnets that work
Marketing campaigns
Social media messaging

...all designed specifically to attract your target audience.

If you think the Brand Breakthrough may be the right next step for you, schedule a free 30-minute consultation.

We will explore where you are, truthfully see if the Brand Breakthrough is right for you, then fit you with the perfect Soul Camp strategist.

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Meet Our Strategists

Michelle Garside

Lead strategist

Maggie Saunders

Junior strategist

What was different about Soul Camp was their HEART. They saw what I couldn’t see and helped me bring that to life. The first moment when I saw the brand, I felt a deep sigh of relief. They got me. They really really got me.

Because of the brand that was created for me, I now run a multiple 6-figure business, I have a large online community of over 40,000 amazing people, I recently published my first book, and I am truly doing the work I came here to do.

The minute I walked into my first in-person meeting with Ali and Michele for my branding session, they got me. I must say their insights were laser sharp! They saw me in a way that made me feel a bit naked, but resonated with what I knew to be true deep inside.

In the few hours we sat in our branding session, they knocked out a plan, roadmap and many ahas that left me feeling empowered and excited.

Only 5 steps to creating your dream brand

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